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Raw Kombucha

Healing Herbs

White Oak Barrels

The Result of This Steamy Threesome?

Vibrant skin.

Smooth Complexions.

Erased Scars. 

Increased Confidence.

A New, Powerhouse YOU.

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Why Kombucha? Are You Drunk?

1. Maybe.

2. The fizzy, fermented beverage that some of your friends tease you about is just as magical ON your body as it is IN it.

3. Kombucha is a sneaky powerhouse for cellular regeneration thanks to the Scoby— the ‘living home’ for the bacteria and yeast used to make it.

4. And it’s the QUEEN of balancing your skin. Bow down, already.

5. It isn’t being used as a main topical ingredient by anyone else on the market. Chumps. 

What My Loyal Fans Are Saying...

I am thrilled with this product! My skin is a combination of sometimes oily, sometimes dry and very often reacting to something unknown (rashes, rosacea, and just looks unhappy and unhealthy); since using this, my skin has looked clear, vibrant, and I have had very little break outs or splotches!!!! I've had people give me a lot more compliments about how healthy I look and I agree with them! My skin feels great, and it is the first product I've been able to use day to day and not have issues with it after a few weeks (I have very sensitive skin). 

Andrea H.

This product makes my skin feel clean and hydrated, it combats excess oil and actually helps with my breakouts that flare up occasionally. It's so good to find cruelty free skincare products that work for me! I know this is going to be part of my skincare regimen for sure. Overall, I definitely recommend this business and their great products.

Jayme C.

My skin is very prone to break outs, especially because of Florida's humid climate. Since I've been using this, my skin has been much softer and it glows - it looks (and feels) healthy and clear.

I'm also thrilled that this is a company that believes in developing products that are natural, sustainable, and aren't tested on animals. 

Michelle N.

My Custom Formulas Work Magic On:

Acne + Dark Spots + Scars

Redness + Dryness + Uneven Skin Tone

Large Pores + pH Imbalances 

Sun Damage + Signs Of Aging

More Love From My Fans!

This feels great on my skin. I am prone to dryness (can't avoid it living in the California desert) and this makes my skin feel like it's taking a big drink of water.

Jillian G.

It is absolutely amazing and kept my face matte and feeling good all day. I didn't need to do any oil blotting throughout my work shift, which was awesome. I highly recommend this brand!

Bethany M.