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5 Animal Causes You NEED To Know About

  Today I am straying from the usual topic of skincare and diving right in to talking about one of my other passions: Animal rescues + causes. In my defense, this DOES sort of relate to Kombucha Face since the company is Certified Cruelty Free through both Leaping Bunny AND PETA. Boom. Double certification for the win! Ok, whatever... 

  In all seriousness though, who doesn't love an inspiring story about people who are making a difference in the world, and the story involves ANIMALS!? ::: Raises hand ::: 

  So for today, my gorgeous friend, I wanna' introduce you to 5 awesome animal causes you really, really NEED to know about! Because, puppies, that's why. 


1. Sgt. Pepper's Friends

  Picture this: White sands, clear oceans, warm weather... and PUPPIES. I know, I basically just described Heaven. But such a place exists here on our funny little planet! This is precisely what Sgt. Pepper's Friends is. A freaking-awesome animal rescue over in Aruba. And get this: 1) You can adopt these unique looking critters and bring them back to the USA (or wherever you live). and 2) If you can't adopt, they sometimes have events where you come + stay for a few days and help rescue animals with them! ::: Day = Made ::: Check out there awww-inducing Instagram page by clicking HERE! 


2. Rescue + Freedom Project

  Originally called the "Beagle Freedom Project", the R+FP constantly inspires me with their mission. They rescue animals that were used for laboratory testing. Across the nation, Beagles are the favored animal for using in laboratories because they're small dogs and extremely trusting... Most labs euthanize their test animals once they're done with them, but thanks to the R+FP, many of these animals are finally getting a chance at life by being given to this rescue! And thanks to the growing popularity of Cruelty-Free brands, America is slowly backing away from using live animals to test things on. Oh, and did I mention that you can adopt and foster these heroic animals that have gone through so much!? Read more about it by heading over to their website HERE!


3. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

  Imagine a rescue center that is so committed to rescuing and then releasing elephants back into the wild, that each elephant has its own personal caretaker that stays with it 24/7 and even sleeps with him/her at night. Yep, this place exists. The name of this rescue might not stir much excitement, but hiding in Kenya lies this gem of a rehab center. The DSWT focuses on rescuing infant elephants and rhinos, whose parent died via poaching. The orphans are raised and then very carefully integrated into a wild herd once they're old enough to be on their own. During their stay at the rescue center, these orphans really do get the best care. Baby elephants reportedly get very lonely at night, so the caretakers have taken to sleeping in a cot right next to their charge. ::: Feels too many feels! ::: So next time you're in Kenya, don't forget to pay this place a visit! 


4. Loggerhead MarineLife Center

  Ah yes, another one of those possibly-misleading names... Shall I grab your attention another way? How about, SEA TURTLES. Yep, there you are. Attention = Grabbed. :: Smug Look ::: So apparently way down in Florida there's a rescue center for the endangered Loggerhead sea turtle! I still can't figure out why I + everyone else is so enamored about sea turtles, but it's a thing. These gentle aquatic creatures are da' bomb. And what could be more exciting to hear about a super sweet rescue center, than knowing that you can volunteer there too!? Sign me up! Check it out here, yo.


5. Black Beauty Ranch

  Okay, so this kind of a "best for last" thing. Black Beauty Ranch is pretty close to my heart because it was through this sanctuary that I became so passionate about animal rescues/rights. I've never actually been to the sanctuary in person (they're in Texas!), but I read their book over and over and over when I was a little kid. In fact, that book eventually disintegrated because I loved it so much. But this place rescues animals from all different plights. From lab animals to zoo animals. Back when they first started, they were rescuing diving horses, performing lions, and feral goats that the military was using as target practice. Today, they still do some pretty amazing rehabs. What I love most is how they respect the animal's privacy. This place isn't a zoo that you can just drop by and visit. Instead they only open their doors to the public once or twice a month. And since they're special to me, I'm putting a video in this post about them. ;) 


 Now that you're all inspired, what will you do today to make a difference?


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