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Kombucha Face Custom Formula

Kombucha Face Custom Formula

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Look out signs of acne, scarring, dryness, redness, large pores...We’re coming for you.

  Ready to stop dealing with acne, and start achieving your dreams? I thought so! Here's how this magic works: After clicking the "Buy Now" button below - and thus locking in your spot for your very own custom formula - You will take a short + easy questionnaire so I can learn more about you and your skin. I then create a glorious, power-packed formula based on your results. Making this luscious goodness takes me 3 days, so please be patient! Once the three days are up, I ship it to you as fast as I can! 

  You'll receive an 8 ounce, glass jar filled with 60 facial wipes + your formula. How to use? Simply grab a facial wipe and gently apply the formula to your entire face, using long, swiping motions. Use it 2x's a day, after your cleanser, but before the moisturizer! Feel free to throw out your current toner and use this instead!